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Our experience in the hospitality and services industry has helped us formulate curriculums, processes, and approaches to address the skills development needs of management and staff where we have observed a severe lack. 

We offer practical training that your personnel can put into practice and achieve positive results fast! 

With so many training companies to choose from, all vying for your business, here are just a few compelling reasons why we feel Bright Sparkes should become your training provider of choice:

  • Quality training with competitive pricing – helping you achieve results within your budget
  • A local trainer to you – we have full coverage with local and International trainer, reducing costs and environmental impact
  • Excellent reputation – with genuine client testimonials rating us 4.7 out of 5 
  • Proven expertise – helping you achieve a perfect solution in the format, style and time you need
  • Consultative approach – we take time to understand your business and real needs
  • Training partnership – always with the long term in mind, seeking to add value to our clients
  • Broad range of services – for employees and managers at all levels
  • Deliver training in a fun, interactive and engaging way – to help achieve the skills, confidence and behavioral change needed
  • Innovation and creativity – in our training materials and methodologies