Half-Day Essential Manners and Social Skills Seminar

“Outclass the Competition”

The Bright Sparkes half-day “Outclass the Competition” seminar is geared toward preparing individuals for the new and often demanding social and professional situations they will face as adults. Whether it is preparing for a graduate school interview, learning how to feel confident at social events, dining in a formal restaurant with their future in-laws, boss, or clients, or interviewing for a first job, this seminar will give students the real-world essential manners and social skills that will give them the confidence they will need to successfully handle these situations.

The following topics will be covered:

  •   Everyday Basic Etiquette
  •   Essential Good Manners
  •   Positive First Impressions and Lasting Impressions
  •   Introductions/Handshaking
  •   Eye Contact/Body Language
  •   How to Walk, Sit and Stand with Confidence
  •   Conversation and Listening Skills
  •   How to Shine at Social Events
  •   Techno-Etiquette and Social Networking Dos and Don’ts
  •   Dress, Grooming and Style Advice
  •   Interviewing Tips/College and Job Interviews
  •   Dining Skills and Table Manners

Included with Seminar: Handouts, four-course tutorial luncheon and a Certificate of Completion.

Fee: To be determined.

For more Information Contact:

Tel 876-872-2709

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