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Are you prepared to enter the professional business world?

We invite you to attend Bright Sparkes Etiquette & Grooming. It is the missing link between your education and success in the professional business world. Soft skills are the new hard skills! Employers are seeking persons with not only the technical skills and knowledge to perform a job, but they are equally, if not more so, interested in hiring persons who are team players and rapport-builders, with the social graces and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in today’s global marketplace.

College students and recent graduates receive a Certificate of Attendance, as well as a 10 percent discount. 

Essential Manners and Social Skills 

BRIGHT SPARKES has developed the following four one-hour classes designed to help make you feel more confident in social situations, business interactions, and at the dining table. These seminars can be tailored to fit the needs of any university group, and are conducted on-site within your time frame. 

I. Social Etiquette 101: Outclass the Competition

Research shows that 55 percent of the first impression we make on others is based upon our appearance; 38 percent is based upon our presentation or body language; and only 7 percent on what we say the first time we meet someone. In this one-hour class, you will learn how to make the most of your assets and dress for your goals, as well as the social polish necessary to help you project confidence and make a great first and lasting impression.

Topics include: How to introduce yourself; how to make proper social and business introductions; meeting and greeting skills; how to make an entrance and work the room; successful style; networking savvy and strategy; how to enter and gracefully exit conversations; how to improve your mingling proficiency; how to make small talk; and much more.

II. Strictly Business: Polished and Professional in a Corporate Environment

Eighty-five percent of success in getting a job, keeping a job, and moving up in an organization is due to people or “soft” skills; 15 percent is due to technical skills, or the knowledge required for a job. According to HR professionals and corporate executives, these people or “soft” skills and emotional intelligence skills are lacking in today’s college graduates. The good news, however, is that these skills are much easier to learn than the technical skills it took years to learn; and yet, the lack of these basic skills can keep college graduates from achieving the dreams for which they worked so hard. This one-hour class will equip you with the essential leadership and social skills required to be polished and professional in the business world.

Topics include: How to distinguish yourself from the competition with your presence power points; handshaking and introduction basics; interview and business meeting protocol; how to build rapport for successful business relationships; professional business office decorum; electronic business arena communications; dressing appropriately for your profession; and much more.

III. Dining Etiquette and Table Manners: The Art of the Business Meal

Today, nearly half of all business transactions, including job interviews are conducted at the dining table; and there is no better - or possibly worse - a place to make an impression than at the table. Negotiating the minefield of place settings, table manners, and difficult foods while trying to hold a conversation can be stressful and challenging, but in our competitive, global business environment, polished dining skills are a must! This one-hour class will prepare you to dine with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Topics include: Table settings and how to read them; taking a seat, conversation, and posture at the table; the different styles of dining; how to correctly use your utensils–silverware savvy; the courses in a meal and how to eat them; the dos and don’ts of table manners; how to eat difficult foods; toasting etiquette; host and guest etiquette; and more.

IV. Successful Style: Perfecting Your Professional Image

Topics include: Importance of first impressions; visual, vocal and verbal impressions; image through dress; wardrobe tips for women; wardrobe tips for men; importance of quality briefcases and writing instruments; fragrance and accessories management; smart dressing for professional women; smart dressing for professional men; how clothing colors impress; and, body language.

V. Networking 101: How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room

This one hour seminar covers the following topics: How make an entrance; how to introduce yourself and others; how to shake hands with confidence; how to start a conversation, keep it going, and gracefully exit; acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics; how to project a positive image and make a good impression; how to gracefully handle food and beverages; the protocol for exchanging business cards; how to dress appropriately for the occasion; and the importance of RSVPs, thank-you notes, and follow-ups.

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